September 22, 2021 4:24 pm

Why Sport Bikes Need Physical Damage Insurance

Some motorcycles are a bit of a higher grade than the standard bike. Sports bikes, as they typically are known, are often more expensive, more sensitive and require a lot of skill to operate. In some cases, you have higher risks of wrecking these bikes, and if you do, that’s a big financial loss you might experience. As a result, you need physical damage protection on the vehicle. Here’s a little more information on why.

Insurance for Sport Bikes

You might use a sport motorcycle on any public roadway, or on a race track. The thing about these bikes is that their control surfaces are often very unique. Therefore, some of the operating risks are higher than on other motorcycles.

As a result, you need to have as much motorcycle insurance on these bikes as you do on any other. Sports bike policies look more or less identical to other motorcycle coverage. However, their limits will address the specific operating risks associated with them.

First and foremost, you probably need liability insurance. Most states require all registered vehicles to have this coverage. It will help motorcyclists pay for the damage they cause if they are at-fault for accidents that harm others. To operate on public roadways, you will usually need at least this policy.

However, think about the exceptional value attached to a sport bike. If something were to happen to it, that could equal a costly loss. That’s why you need more coverage.

Physical Damage Insurance

When buying your motorcycle insurance, you’ll likely have the choice to add physical damage insurance to the policy. While in many cases, it is optional to buy this coverage, we encourage you to do so. Most policies offer two type of protection:

  • Collision insurance pays for damage or loss to the bike from wrecks.
  • Comprehensive coverage can pay for bike losses from non-accident mishaps. Theft, vandalism, or severe weather might damage the vehicle. Under this policy, you can receive compensation.

We’ll help you structure your coverage so that you can receive the most-appropriate amount of reimbursement in case damaging accidents occur.

  • Most policies include deductibles, so we can help you manage an affordable out-of-pocket cost in case of claims.
  • If you want replacement cost value (RCV) insurance for physical damage, you can recoup the full cost of a bike if you total it in an accident.

We can also make sure that your policy contains coverage for customized bikes or attached accessories. That’s why we’re here to help you determine the right amount of coverage for this very unique vehicle.

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